Curleeze is a 2 in 1 :

    A Hair styling tool and Hair accessory!  

Curleeze can be worn in your hair as an Up-do for work, the gym or even professional events.  Your hair is curling and no one will know!

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 Curleeze uses moisture and the tension of the hair wrapped around the Curleeze band to create a natural looking curl.  The temperature pack is included to both quicken the drying time and provide a barrel roll/beach wave curl. 

Curleeze is as simple as 1, 2, 3

- Brush through you hair and add a little moisture.

- Wrap Curleeze band around as per our Instructional Video

- Let hair dry for as little as 30min or as long as overnight depending on your hair and the type of curl you want.



Tight ribbed fabric that softly grips hair as you wrap it.

Temperature pack is inserted into the Curleeze band to get moisture out of hair quickly if you are in a rush 

Sleek design that minimizes bulk and maintains comfort.




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Hair is EZ with CURLEEZE


I'm a creative mom of 2 boys where we live with my husband on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.  I have always loved sewing but never loved doing my hair, and when I created Curleeze that all changed for me.  I hope you love Curleeze as much as I do!


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