What hair type are you?

Straight and Fine Hair?

Jillian's Story:

     I have shoulder length fine hair that is always limp and lacking any volume. The Curleeze is so easy to use and produces the most amazing curls in my fine hair which adds significant volume. Before using the Curleeze I used to get up extra early to turn on my hot rollers, wait for them to heat up, put them in, and then wait… This took more time that I would like to admit to create curls that would often fall out before I made it to work. I would recommend Curleeze to anyone with fine hair as it creates great volume without heat and without damage. As I have been looking for an alternative to the painstaking and damaging hot roller, I had no hesitation about trying Curleeze.  I love how I can do my hair while sleeping, working out, driving, watching hockey… Curleeze is so simple yet so effective and so easy to use! In my fair hair I find a lilt mouse helps add volume and some hair spray prevents the curls from loosening too much. I love this product!  

    Thank you so much Loreen!

Jillian Before

Jillian's hair is fine and thin.

Jillian During

After her morning workout, Curleeze is still in place from the night before!

Jillian After

Having curls for Date night are now so simple for her!

Short, Fine and Wavy Hair?

Erin's Story:

     I have shoulder length, fine, wavy hair.  I found the Curleeze fairly easy to use, and got best results when I used it on slightly damp hair without sleeping on it, usually leaving it in for 3-4 hours. I also liked the look of my curls more when I left the band on my forehead rather than lifting it about my hair line as in the video.  Just a personal preference. The staying power of the curls is amazing!!!  They will often last 2 or 3 days - no heat styling for this bleached hair is a major bonus!  I have definitely recommended this product to friends!!

Erin Before

Erin with her before look - a little frizzy and dried out due to past bleachings. She looks so sad with no style to her hair.

Erin After with Makeup

Gorgeous easy curls framing her face Beautifully! No frizz and no hassle!

Long Hair?

Kayla's Story:

     I was introduced to Curleeze by chance. I noticed Loreen's beautiful curls regularly at our kids school. My friend told me about this new hair styling tool she had created. I'm pretty sure I begged to try it. I have long hair and 5 kids so finding the time to do my hair is sometimes hard to come by. The first time I tried it I didn't have the hang of wrapping my hair. I still ended up with curls but they were not the best looking curls. I tried it again and quickly had the hang of it. My curls turned out fantastic and lasted 2 days. It's now so easy I can wrap my hair while watching tv with the kids or anything. I've got it down to a 5 minute science. I've tried it with the hot pad as well as without and both way turned out fantastic with the hot pad working faster.  I leave it on for 2-3 hours unless I wrapped before bed and slept with it. I would highly recommend Curleeze, just be prepared to look like you just left your glam squad people will think you spent an hour on your hair!

Thick Wavy Hair?

Blaike's Story

Blaike has long thick wavy and some times frizzy hair, when brushed out it looks like it is trying to engulf her.  Though she has curl to her hair, they curls don't want to stay together, then causing the frizz.  By using Curleeze her hair is trained to keep the curls together as it sets in the band giving her amazing body and style!

Kayla Before

Kayla's Hair is long and fairly straight.

Kayla After

Instead of spending hours curling her hair, she can spend more time with her 5 kids and still have great hair!

Blaike Before front

Naturally curly frizzy hair

Blaike During back

All that hair fit comfortably in Curleeze all night long!

Blaike After front

WOW! Gorgeous curls and no frizz!

Please send in your Before and After photos, we would LOVE to see them! 

Additional Testimonials

I first heard of Curleeze about a week ago when one of my friends shared the video. I immediately had to order it because I really wanted to try it out. My hair doesn't hold curl well and it takes me forever to curl my hair so I never do it. Now I can curl my hair with a breeze. Thank you Curleeze!


Wore my curleeze band during my workout and left the gym looking pretty glamorous, super happy with the results, i haven't curled my hair in so long because it takes so much effort , 10/10 would recommend the curleeze band, delivers beautiful curls without any hassle ☺️☺️


 I have straight, uncooperative, flat, hard to manipulate hair with no texture. I was able to get a good tight wrap last night and the morning results are pretty good I'd say!


So I have tried a new local product and I love it. I have been wrapping my hair for years now, but never had results like this! So easy, takes less than 5 minutes and perfect for any occasion. Wrap your hair the night before or heat the insert and do it in the morning and within minutes, the results are perfect and last for days. Add a little curl cream or beach spray and you're good to go. This will be my new go to hair item. Thank you Curleeze!  ~Miranda

Busy girl's guide to curls!! I use my Curleeze with the heat pack insert on damp hair to create these gorgeous curls. 💁🏻 I leave it in my hair for about 2 hr (which looks cute enough to go run errands or go to class in) and when I take it out, I'm left with a gorgeous & effortless style! 💕Check em out at ‼️

~Slashed Beauty

My hair is long and straight! I used to use a straightener to curl my hair - the heat does more damage than good... but not anymore! Curleez allows me to prepare my hair in short time with no harsh heat. I simply wrap my hair after lightly blowdrying it out of the shower. I wait a few hours and take it out! It is a lot of fun and generally gives me two full days of style.


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