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       What is Curleeze?  Designed specifically to curl hair, an articulated Smart-Band with removable

Heat 'n Freeze insert, curls EVERY type of hair with little effort and no damage!  It only takes 5 minutes a day to wrap your hair in Curleeze.  It looks cute while wrapped as a vintage 'Gibson roll', so it can be worn it up or down. 


My hair is naturally fuzzy and unfortunately damaged, it feels frumpy and unmanageable.  I don't know how to style my hair so I would often wear it up in a Pony-bun.  Wearing my hair like that daily caused my confidence to plummet.


Wrapping my hair in the Curleeze Smart band takes only 5 Minutes.  It is very comfortable and there is no pressure on my head.  The ribbed Smart Band is resistant to slipping

 and is machine washable. It will curl your hair while you are free to do other things. I get compliments when I wear it out in public and because it is low profile, it is surprisingly comfortable to sleep in!


After my hair has curl and body for days.  It stays styled and out of my face meaning it saves me time and energy every day!  Best of all, I actually like the way I look now.  After seeing what Curleeze did for me, I decided to share it with the world.  I hope you enjoy Curleeze as much as I do!

Before                     After

Say hello to Your natural beautiful curls

Curleeze is a Smart headband that allows you to curl your hair whenever, wherever.

The 2-in-1 headband + insert can be worn day or night, depending on the type of curls you want.


More Moisture, More Time = More Curls

More heat = Less time

When to use your Curleeze?



At night, wrap your hair in the Curleeze Smart band while you get your much deserved beauty sleep. Curls will form with the help of your head's natural heat and pillow pressure.

During the day, use the optional Heat 'n Freeze insert inside the Curleeze smart band and your hair will curl while you complete other tasks. Great if you shower in the mornings or want a quick Beach Wave before a night out!


Can't I just use a regular headband?

Yes and no...  you are more than welcome to try it, and from what I have been told by others that have come back to buy Curleeze, is it's about using the right tool for the job.  Curleeze is designed to curl your hair so it's properties are different than a headband.

1. Curleeze is smaller than a headband because it doesn't sit on your head, after wrapping it is worn on your head like a crown.  A regular headband is often too lose and won't stay in place.

2. The Curleeze band is made from a tight ribbed fabric that works like an accordion to provide resistance from slipping out of your hair.  It won't pull and snag your hair like velcro or silicone.  The ribs are open when wrapping your hair around Curleeze and they close when placing the Curleeze band on your crown.

3.  Each Curleeze set comes with a removable Heat'n Freeze insert.  This goes inside the Curleeze band and can be either inserted frozen or heated to help your curl set in less time.  To heat it simply place in microwave for 20 seconds or heat it in a small crock pot, double boiler or heating pad.

Use the right tool for the job, don't use a screwdriver as a hammer - use Curleeze to curl your hair hassle free!

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