Full detailed instructions for Curleeze

Learn to wrap your Curleeze Hair Curling Band with this detailed video of tips and tricks as I am wrapping it in my own hair.  See how I am holding my hands and how I grab my hair, holding it near the roots to have the best control..  Remember to slightly dampen your hair before wrapping and once the hair is dry the curl is set!


(If using the temperature pack to heat it up before using.  Do not overheat or it may burn)

Temperature pack video below

Meet PeggyPeg_ 

Peggy is a YouTube product reviewer, fashionista and hair extroidinar; but she is also a lovely sweet person I have had the pleasure to work with.  This video is of her trying Curleeze for the first time and her Stunning results!!  So easy and no damage, she said she feels like a Black Marilyn Monroe - GORGEOUS!



Wrap hair with Temperature Pack

Video Notes

ONLY 20 seconds is recommended for the microwave.  CAUTION: All microwaves are different, please test the Heat n' Freeze insert in the microwave for 10 and 15 seconds to make sure your microwave isn't too powerful.

No Microwave? No Problem!  Use a Li'l Dipper Crock pot, double boiler or heating pad to heat up your insert. Or keep it in the freezer for Cold-set curls.


Depending on your hair type, it will depend how much moisture you put in your hair and how long you wear it in your hair for.  Experiment and find what works for you! 

Wrap your hair in Curleeze - Quick visual

1.  Brush out knots and dampen your hair slightly with water, salt/sugar hairspray or mousse.  More product will result with more curl.

2.  Before putting the Curleeze band on, bring your hair forward and place band across hairline.  This will keep the band more secure on your head.

3. Keep the hair curled tight around the band and continue to add more hair with every wrap.  Damp hair will wrap more tightly than dry and will result in more curl.

4.  Add hair clips as required for loose ends or for fine silky hair.

Take hair out of Curleeze - Quick visual

1. Make sure hair has dried.  Start by finding where your last part of hair was wrapped in the centre back and slowly unwind it.  Try to keep hair as tangle free as possible.

2.  From back to front, pull out each ringlet.  Note:  There are 2 bunches of hair wrapped in each ringlet.  For very long hair please do this process slowly.

3.  Finger through your hair and scalp to release the body and add volume to your roots.

4.  Finish and set your curls with your favourite hair products. 

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