Curleeze Tri-Colour Set

Curleeze Tri-Colour Set


Curleeze now comes in different colours!  The Classic Curleeze is aways classic black, but the Tri-colour set comes in: Black, Grey and Brown!  Ideal for wearing it with different outfits if you need your hair up for work or if there are multiple women in the same household, everyone gets a different colour!  Just like the Classic Curleeze, this multi-pack set comes with only 1 Heat 'n Freeze temperature pack to be able to set your curl in less time throughout the day instead of overnight!

  • What Makes Curleeze Special?

    - Our unique Hair curling band is made from a stretchy ribbed fabric that helps hold onto your hair and keep the band in place.  It is made slightly smaller than a traditional hair band so that when it is stretched over your head the ribs are open, after wrapping your hair in Curleeze you will close the ribs around your hair by bringing the hair band to just above your forehead (as in the video).  

    - What else is unique?  Curleeze has a hidden pocket inside the hair band where you can put in our removable heat pack when you want a quicker curl during the day instead of sleeping on it!  Just like hot rollers the heat from the microwaving the heat pack (after it is already inserted into the Curleeze pocket) will curl your hair with both heat and pressure, and you can still go out in public!  Would you do that with hot rollers in?!

  • * Heat 'n Freeze Temperature pack Insert

    Heat 'n Freeze Insert is not machine washable as it is filled with Rice. Do no microwave for longer than sugested or it may overheat and burn.  I prefer to use a mini electric crock pot for dips and cheese to heat my insert.  It gets it hot but doesn't burn it.  You do not need to use the temperature pack if you are wearing Curleeze overnight, however it does give a larger roll in your set curl.   *Fabric may not be exact.


    Due to the Hygenic nature of the product, we are unable to accept any returns at this time.  Since we know Curleeze works on all hair types, if you are not please with the results, we ask that you pass on the gift of Curleeze to someone you know will get regular use out of it.  We apreciate your understanding of our position regarding this.

    If Curleeze has had a manufacturer's defect please contact us directly and we would be happy to discuss the matter.

Curleeze works on all hair types: Fine, thin, thick, straight, smooth, curly, frizzy, etc. For best results your hair should be about 10" or longer.


NOTE: If you have silky smooth hair you may need a hair clip to keep Curleeze in place.

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