Curleeze Slouch Toque

Curleeze Slouch Toque


This amazing toque will become your hair's best friend.  Perfectly covers your head and ears while NOT giving you toque head.  If it's raining out there is enough room to even hide your curls INSIDE the toque to protect them!


    Due to the Hygenic nature of the product, we are unable to accept any returns at this time.  Since we know the Curleeze toque fits many head sizes, we ask that you pass on the gift of Curleeze toque to someone you know will get regular use out of it.  We apreciate your understanding of our position regarding this.

    If Curleeze has had a manufacturer's defect please contact us directly and we would be happy to discuss the matter.

Curleeze works on all hair types: Fine, thin, thick, straight, smooth, curly, frizzy, etc. For best results your hair should be about 10" or longer.


NOTE: If you have silky smooth hair you may need a hair clip to keep Curleeze in place.

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