Two Breathable Face Masks with PUL Lining and Pocket


Two Masks - Made from my personal collection of Cotton and Poly-Cotton blended fabrics and lined with a breathable PUL fabric that allows air through, but prevents moisture transfer (for those who talk 'Moistly' :-).  I have a sewn in wire at the bridge of the nose to allow for a more custom fit and there is a pocket if you would like to add your own filter or additional layers. 

     I have chosen to loop the elastic around the ears, as a personal preference, I tried it around my head and it kept slipping and was difficult to put on...  You can re-tie the elastic to make it tighter and if you need more I can always mail some out, and others have found creative ways to wear it to fit their faces or needs (like upside-down) and you can ease the pull on your ears by pulling the elastic behind your head and holding it together with a safety pin or paper clip!  Even add buttons to headbands, glasses and hats; there are so many options!  Please feel free to ask any questions about this :)


Due to the current times and limited resources available to me, elastic colour/style choices may differ with each mask... Sorry.

Size for Mask 1
Fabric for Mask 1
Size for Mask 2
Fabric for Mask 2
  • Return and Refund Policy

    Due to the Hygenic nature of masks along with current Covid conditions, the masks are not returnable unless there is a manufacturing defect.  If you no longer want/need your mask, you may want to consider donating it to essential workers.  Thank you and stay safe!

    Please note - these masks are each individually made by me, they are not imported and not mass produced.  I do my best effort to ensure your masks are made with the highest quality, if there is ever a problem, please do not hestitate to conact me.  They are made in a pet friendly, nut friendly home, please wash before use.

  • Washing Instructions

    All of the masks are machine washable and I recommend to air dry in the sun as sunshine is a natural dissinfectant!  I also spray my mask and gloves with thieves balm and thieves oil spray and let them sit in the sun, smells amazing and again, it is a natural disinfectant! 

  • Do you wear Glasses?

    If you wear glasses, you might be aware that they often fog up when you wear a mask.  I have figured out how to combat this and there are 3 ways to help:

    1) I recommend wearing the mask under your glasses, so that the mask is between your glasses and nose.

    2) I placed a small line of hot glue along where my glasses sit on my mask so they don't slide down.

    3) I have seen it recommended to clean your glasses with shaving cream and that creates an anti-fog layer on them - though I have never tried this method.

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