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All Natural Hair Spray! Rock those Curls!!!

December 13, 2016

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All Natural Hair Spray! Rock those Curls!!!

December 13, 2016

 The BEST Hairspray for Curls!

Between wanting healthier living choices and saving money (as well as the planet) I decided last summer to make my own hair care products myself.  I researched different options and ultimately fell in love with a Salt Water and Sugar Hair Spray!  


First I thought to myself, that can't hold can it?  Wouldn't it be sticky?  Or attract bees?  Every post I read crushed those initial objections and I decided to go for it!  I LOVE IT!  It holds my hair naturally, not stiff like commercial hair sprays and since it's chemical free I don't worry about it touching my skin.  I've used it for demonstrations at trade shows with Curleeze and then there is also no concern of spraying it on children or anyone with allergies or sensitivities.  It is very simple to make and you can customize it to suite your wants/needs just by adjusting the amount of salt or sugar you want.



1 Cup of boiled water (distilled water is best)

1 Tsp of Sugar (Brown or white it doesn't matter)

1 Tsp of Salt (I prefer Pink Himalayan salt or Epsom salt)


Mix and pour into reusable spray bottle!  

Simple Right?!?!


If your hair needs more texture and more hold because it is stubborn, add more sugar or more salt.  Use a Tablespoon if you want to!


Why Salt?

    Salt ads texture to your hair - meaning individual strands won't want to slip around as much so they will tend to hold their shape all together.  It also acts like a Dry shampoo but doesn't strip your hair of it's natural oils!  Companies are selling 'Salt water curls' to give you a Beach curl for $7/bottle.  Make it yourself and KNOW what you are putting on your hair.  


Why Sugar?

     Sugar will set hard just like a hair spray, and once dried won't feel sticky at all!  Do you remember those doilys your grandmother had when we were kids?  They were hardened with sugar and not sticky to the touch.  This is an Antique life hack that we have all forgotten about!


Did this recipe work for you?  Tell me about it!

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