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All Natural Hair Spray! Rock those Curls!!!

December 13, 2016

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My New Years Resolution? ME!

January 17, 2017

       Last year is finally over and it was not an easy year for many people.  With this Year being fresh and new, there are over 300 blank pages in my book to be written of this coming year and the possibilities are endless!  What should I do differently this year...?  Well there is always the classic 'weight loss' plan, but lets be honest I don't have time for that, then there is the 'work less' plan, but I'm self employed so that's never going to change, I can 'learn the art of meditation', hmmm that has been something I have been wanting to do... and then there is 'improve my self confidence'... YES THAT'S IT, THAT'S THE ONE!  


        In today's world I am constantly being bombarded with ways to compare myself to other women... How I dress, what I drive, what I eat, how I raise my children, and most of all... what I look like.   Most of the time it's ok because over the years I have learned to understand that the media and marketing of the world are designed to make us feel insufficient with our lives so that we buy their fad diets and fancy cars.  I don't have time to go to the gym or pay for a membership I will only use for the first month, maybe two, nor do I have the money to play around with expensive lifestyles of trips and redecorating my house to give me a superficial change for this New Year.  That's not to say I haven't been lacking in areas of my life, there are always ways we can improve, but how?  I have been feeling like I need to make a change.  Something that give me inner confidence but doesn't have all those strings attached to it.  I am sure of who I am as a person inside, I know what I like and don't like, what my core values are and where I see myself in 10 years, but I also have areas that I need to work on.  My biggest challenge?  My self confidence.  Some of my confidence is lacking in the 'will they want to be my friend' area, but believe it or not, where I have needed the most help is 'how I look'.  Now I am fine with my body weight, I have curves, rolls and cellulite and I'm okay with that; I also love going out for super spicy chicken wings with my husband and to the movies with my kids.  I accept the fact that my size is based off of my choices and I choose to enjoy life rather than sit and grump about it.  I am not about to get up at 5am to go to the Gym or go there after dinner and miss time with my kids, I am in their lives for only a little while and they don't care if I'm 'squishy' they just want me around.  So what can I do to improve 'how I look' on a budget...  I don't wear makeup, and can't afford a new wardrobe (besides I like most of my clothes), so on the exterior that leaves... my hair.  Ugh my hair.  I have thick wavy hair that likes to go 'out' rather than 'down'.  Left to its own devices, most mornings my hair would look like something out of a mugshot.  I have never learned the talent of styling my hair with wands and rollers, and I don't like using a lot of product because of all the chemicals, so I would do nothing... Air dry after a shower and either wear it in a bun or if it wasn't a 'frizzy' day I would wear it down.  I would straighten my hair once every couple of weeks for a 'new look', but it took forever and I could never get it fully silky straight like my Hair Dresser could so I always felt lacking.  I even tried using my straightener to curl my hair, which I gave up after realizing I didn't possess that skill as well...  All of this changed when I saw a Facebook video of someone curling their hair with fabric.  Throughout the course of a year I played, experimented, refined and perfected the process on how to style my hair every day with very little effort.  I mean, it actually looks like I get up at 6am and curl my hair for an hour.  So... now what?  How does telling you this story relate to my 2017 New Years resolution?  Well, it has taken some time for me to get the confidence to adopt this new hair style.  I was comfortable with my frumpy look because it was easy, I could blend into the sea of people around me - but now with my hair styled its making me stand out more.  

That is bringing attention I wasn't prepared for and not quite sure how to deal with.  I have decided to EMBRACE the compliments and take to heart when people say nice things about me and continue to build my confidence that I AM pretty and that my hair DOES look nice.  It's scary to step out of my comfort zone, learn to love this new attention and



During this time of year we like to look our best for all the family photos and Lovebird-selfies, but we also love staying in our cozy pj's for as long as possible eating comfort food and watching movies.  I think time with loved ones is precious so you don't want to spend an hour on your hair if you don't have to, do you?  This year leave your hair up to us, we'll style it for you!

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